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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dad's Opals III

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Dad's Opals II

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Dad's Opals


My father has a new hobby. Opals -- perfect for an amateur geologist and professional optics man. Posted by Picasa

Sycamore Seed Ball


To recreate this, gently smash the seed ball with your heel. If you have small assistants, emphasize the word gently. Posted by Picasa

Lava Rock


... with a bit of jumping spider web above. Posted by Picasa



I think my son Kai was traumatized by the ubiquitousness of stickers in New Mexico. Especially in abandoned or natural areas. Posted by Picasa

Tulip-Shaped Seed Pods


I liked the curves. Posted by Picasa

Winter Grass


It's been a while. Sorry to keep away for so long. I finished my class and now getting ready for the new year. More soon. Posted by Picasa