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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Almost Missed It

A flash of white fluttered by my head, I turned and shot once and then it was gone. Posted by Picasa


Well, the foreground bricks are Macro. ;) This is a newer section of the wall just outside of Beijing. Posted by Picasa

Too Sunny

I got the zoom lens on fast enough, but not the polarizing filter. Gads, it was bright that day. Better than the rain the previous day. Posted by Picasa

Dark Moth

This fellow was the size of a cicada and at first I thought that's what I was seeing. The cicadas were really noisy that day. Posted by Picasa

Peeling Paint

I liked the background. Posted by Picasa

Great Wall Insect

I'm still looking for a good identification site for Asian Lepidoptera. Any guesses? I was calling it the Watermelon Moth. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Little Girl

We're back home, though this picture of Li Mei is from our hotel the White Swan in Guangzhou. She's so tiny that even though she's two and a half she wears 12 month clothes for the length, but doesn't have the toushie to hold up the pants. In this picture she was probably about 16 pounds. If I went only by weight, she'd be in 0-3 month clothes. Her body proportions are that of a newborn but her attitude is very two year old while being easily amused.

Once we hit Guangzhou, our schedule was packed with tours and paperwork. We also finally met some of other adopting families -- all of us were part of the Waiting Child program (older children and children with special needs). So much has happened I think I should re-blog and fill in some of the gaps. To see more of the baby pictures, you can visit my family blog at

The boys went off to school with our car pooling buddies and all around friends Cheryl Burton and her daughter Aimee. Her dad, Chris and new baby sister Renee stayed home. Cheryl and Aimee visited for a little while to meet Jasmine (aka Li Mei)and drop off a baby present. Posted by Picasa