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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lady Wolf Comparisons

Here are some more pics from the mini shoot (about 10 pictures).

The left picture has the reading light above and behind and "flattened" the eyes.

The center shot is without the reading light and re-white balanced to mitigate the hard yellow-orange cast.

The right has the light in front and to the right. I didn't like the depth of field and how the reading light gave unnatural blue highlights.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Lady Wolf

Here's our wolf spider. I found her in the morning, defrosting on the sunny wall of the 500 building at Fitzsimmons. I dumped the last bit of my coffee out, dried the mug and put in a little dirt and a stick, then nudged in the spider. It's saying something that I love spiders more than coffee. Okay, had it been a new full steaming cup it would have been a toss up. In any case, she's out guest now.

Her body is about three centimeters, but honestly I need to measure her for the real numbers. She's the largest wolf spider I've seen outside the Butterfly pavilion. It's also a pedipalp guess that this is a female. She's a beauty though and doesn't seem to mind her new home with central heating and food delivery.

Here I was messing with lighting (my three white LED reading light supplemented with overhead incandescents), long exposurse (between twenty and thirty seconds) and my new Sigma macro lens. Photo processing by Picasa leaves something to be desired, but I might fool around with it using Adobe.
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