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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mountain Lion Kill

This carcass is fairly old now -- I saw some pictures at the station right after the kill occured. I think the skeleton is more palatable than all the organs hanging out. Makes me think about vegatarianism again. Happy, well-fed lion though.

The park rangers said that people have been commenting on this kill for a while, it's about fifteen feet from one of two heavily trafficked trails at Roxborough park. Winter was tough on the deer, I wonder how the heavy snows affected the lions.

These deer are big, it really makes you appreciate the abilities and strength of the lions.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Some kind of ground predator beetle -- it loves giant mealworms, bites 'em clean in half.
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My sister put it best when she described her online absence as "falling off the blogging bandwagon." I did manage to do a fair amount of quilting in the interim; I'll post that on Wave, Tree and Bloom.

I'll admit to a little of the blahs lately. Maybe more than a little -- but of what a difference a few beetles can make. I'll post some more pics, still looking for a genus and species.
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