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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enter Fall

I have my computer set to show one inch by one and a half inch thumbnails randomly selected from my pictures directory. I found this one that I liked a lot. I might have posted it before but I couldn't find it on a general search of frog, hand or holding, so it's probably a good bet I didn't.

It's interesting to me that like writing, sewing, and sculpting, sometimes the true impact (or lack of one) of a photograph doesn't reveal itself for an hour, a day, a week or even years.

Am I changing? Has the photo's subject or my techniques become suddenly more relevant? Has my brain just dropped away the clutter attached to the moment the photo was taken, leaving just a pure emotive image? Or most mundanely did it just not make the cut the first time around and I'd just forgotten about it?

I feel so philosophic today.

I haven't posted often lately. I haven't had the walkabout time I used to. I have a few hundred photos to judge and then a couple three or four to post. Time is always the issue.

It's suddenly Fall; the temperature dropped from 70 to 50 in just a couple days. At least the atmosphere is right for Halloween cloudy, dark and foggy, but it makes me meloncholy. It will probably dump a few inches of snow within the week of Halloween because it always does.

So, here's a calm, maybe meloncholy frog in the last days of July last year. I'm not sure if it's Kai or Rowan holding it, but we found it while in a suburb of Boston.
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