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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Home Hairy Home

All the creatures in the Fish Room, have just gotten housing upgrades. We call it "The Fish Room" because of the mondo 120 gallon aquarium, but currently we have just as many non-fish creatures as fish creatures in the room right now.

Hairiette Curly the tarantula wasn't so sure about leaving her familiar, cozy digs for this new place. The reality was that she could barely turn around in the old plastic critter container that she's lived in since she was a spiderling. Now that she's about the size of my hand, we moved her into a 2.5 gallon aquarium with a subterranean den that we can see into. Since she's nocturnal, it's the only way we can get a look at her without staying up into the wee hours. She also likes humidity and heat, both of which are easier to control in the more air-tight glass aquarium.
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