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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Spiders, bugs, insects and links

I thought I'd put up a few links that I like visiting (and then link to this post in my links) when I'm trying to find out what I've just photographed. Kousik kindly suggested there might be some interest. I hope so. Maybe some interesting photos will get past the shudder-response many people have with respect to insects and spiders.

  • Colorado Spider Survey -- The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is collecting spider specimens to document spiders' distribution and diversity in Colorado. The only downside is that to participate you need to kill the spiders you collect. I like the spiders too much to kill them, so I'll photograph.

  • What's That Bug? -- I'm not sure if there's anything more that I need to add, except that there are lots of pictures of all qualities and trivia bits.

  • The Tree of Life Web Project -- Amazing to see how everything is connected.
  • BugBios: Shameless Promotion of Insect Appreciation -- Beautiful.

  • Gabe Beasley has a blog that demonstrates a love for both arthropods and home made optics

So, that should get ya'll started. :)

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