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Monday, April 16, 2007


Maybe I need some more attitude in my shots. The show at Lone Tree wasn't the stunning success I'd hoped for, but then there are a lot of incredible pictures there. My two pictures seemed dull in comparison -- maybe that's a product of familiarity, maybe they were more dull. I brought Li Mei with me so I'd have someone there I knew. :) She made quite the impression in her little black and pink dress.
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Monday, April 09, 2007

Tiny Forest

This is some moss growing in the runoff path of basement sump pump water. All the houses in the neighborhood have pumps to keep the clay soil from expanding beneath them.
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This is another photo I meant to post, but failed to do so due to distraction of the parenting kind.

Mid-March we visited the zoo. It was a beautiful day and the smell of varnish filled the air. At the old gift store by the now closed west entrance, two fellows were maintaining the animals of the Conservation Carousel. I felt as though we were getting a backstage look at the running of the zoo. My boys witnessed the human artistic connection to one of their favorite rides. The craftsmen told us that every two years each animal gets a few maintenance touch ups. They were nice enough to submit to a photos.
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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Icicle on the Gas Grill

I liked the line of bubbles down the center of this tiny icicle.
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Happy spring fertility holiday! Ours morning was white and has melted off by early evening.

There is something poetic about snowflakes dusting the newly emerging rose leaves ... and something ironic about noticing that there's already an aphid sheltering under the leaves.

This was taken with the Canon Rebel XT and the Sigma macro lens.
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bored in the School Carpool

My kids go to a charter school whose student body is made up of kids all over the county. We don't have bus service so as school lets out there are a huge number of cars waiting to pick up kids.

I was bored and had my camera one snowy day waiting for my carload of kids. Snowflakes were falling onto my driver's side window and first I tried getting a pic using my new EX Sigma DG Macro 105mm 1:2.8. No luck. To that I added my Canon Close-Up Lens 250 D. Still no luck. Finally I added my trusty Raynox Macroscopic Lens Model M-250. A-Haha ha muhahahahahaha.
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Sunday, April 01, 2007


We go to quite the lengths to protect our blooms from the gnashing teeth of the Suburbia rabbits.
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Show Off

Everywhere I go, the animals are quite engaged. Rowan commented on the zoo's river otters to anyone who would listen, "One is giving the other a piggy-back ride through the water."
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Golden Eagle

I was going into the Homestead Animal Hospital to pick up some meds for our geriatric cats when out comes a huge Golden Eagle perching on a person. I knew my vet handled exotics, but this took me by surprise. I was composed enough to ask to take a picture though and she (the person not the eagle) was nice enough to oblige. I didn't get a name though, I think they wanted to get their raptor back home quickly.

Isn't this a huge bird?
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Frog-eyed Gekko

This little fellow lives at the Colorado Gator Farm.
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