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Friday, December 29, 2006

Playing with my Childrens' Toys

We're trapped again under snow. I made a preparatory grocery run as the first five or so inches of new snow fell. Our store was almost out of paper towel, cod, kitty litter and Diet Coke (the regular kind, not Zero or Lime or Splenda). I was lucky to find the secret end cap of Diet Coke. This could have been a bad few days.

As it is, we're "stuck" in our house with all our new toys. O woe are we!

In Albuquerque, at the Explora, I found a plasma night light about the size of a standard lightbulb and gave it to the boys for Newton's Day (Isaac Newton was born December 25th. It also flows better than the phrase "Atheist Families Get Presents Day"). Last night, I asked to borrow it for pictures; in the morning, the boys didn't recognize it as their bulb. That's one of the fun things about macros, it's a puzzle or at least a way of turning the visual environment into something surprizing.

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