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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Purple Bits

The bugs can't be far behind.
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Chlarson Family said...

I just stumbled across your blog spot and had to write a short note and say I really like all the macro shots. Playing with Grandpa’s macro lens on the Minolta 5d has been very challenging and rewarding. IMHO it’s harder to catch the small stuff than the scenery.

Matt Dick said...

I love crocuses, we should see ours in a few weeks -- they are peeking up even now. They'll be fine but we may have to cover the tulips and deffodils as we may still get a hard freeze or two.


Hypatia said...

Thanks Shane! I'm a complete macro geek and I'm not ashamed to say it; you sound like you are well on your way to joining me. I'm not sure which is harder for me, I guess it would depend on the shot. I do like macros because I don't have as many things out of my control in the background. By things I generally mean people. ;)

Hey Matt! We've had so much snow I just about cried for joy when I saw them and the daffy-o-dills.

I'm going to take the kids down to the sand dunes to camp during Spring Break and just heard the unwelcome news that we too may have some precipitation of the snowflake sort headed our way. Too early to tell for sure.