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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Death of a Commando

At our local mosquito paradise, we found evidence of a fierce action figure battle. Oh, the toy-manity! I apologize for those viewers with no stomach for severed, plastic, miniature limbs.

Kai took on the grim task of reclaiming the body parts from the algae encrusted abyss. No one, no part, gets left behind.

As I watched him in his gruesome endeavor, I wondered, what kind of fiend could have done such a thing? Was the goatee-sporting soldier simply defending what was right and true? Or could he have possibly deserved his fate? Was he the evil twin of a clean shaven soldier from an alternate dimension? Why was he clutching the broken cattail? What could it mean? We may never know.

We can only take from this horrible loss a newly honed awareness of the preciousness of those action figures we hold dear to our hearts. I can only hope that my own plastic treasures, Dance-of-the-Seven-Veils Xena, Cliff-Rappelling Lara Croft, and Falling-From-the-Skyscraper-While-Shooting-Upward Trinity, will never share such a fate.
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