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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Moth on Screen

This little moth seems to be raising its skirt to show a little lacy slip.
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Orange Fronkey said...

Hahaha... So it's a teaser moth?

It's about time you put some pictures up lady, I check this place everyday, don't disappoint your fans now =). Keep them coming.

Hypatia said...

*laughs* Thanks, we had a bit of a disturbance in the force, but heading back home to Colorado tomorrow morning at 4am (with 3 kids in tow) and I can put some more up. I gots me some cool bugs on the card and will soon be on the blog.

Matt Dick said...

I'm annoyed by moths. They are really intriguing live, but they don't take very good pictures because they don't understand field of focus. No, what I meant to say is that they don't photograph well because they are adapted to look like little pieces of forest detritus.

You know, alligators make bad circus performers. They are the most successful large land animals in Earth's history. Why? Because they are very well adapted. Their particular adaptation is that they look a whole heck of a lot like logs. Logs, as it turns out, are spectacularly uninteresting to pay $10 to sit out in the hot sun and watch. Alligators are wonderful imitators of logs -- did I mention that?

If you filmed a log and an alligator for 400 hours, their activity would differ only 0.000625% of the time. For a documentary film, this can be edited to something that looks pretty good, but 0.000625% of activity is not so great to view real time. If you're a water buffalo for instance, it's particularly bad, because that interesting 1.5 seconds is *really* interesting; interesting, but horrible. To an observer, you've really got to like that 1.5 seconds, because you invested a *lot* of time waiting.

So that's what I feel about moths.

Perhaps I should explain the connection: moths are fascinatingly well-adapted to be uninteresting to look at, and they don't eat water buffaloes nearly often enough.


ps - But can you imagine how cool it would be if a moth ever did eat a water buffalo? I'd totally sit around for 400 hours to watch that.