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Friday, September 14, 2007

Is That a Stinger, or are You Just Happy to See Me?

He's just happy to see... well a female of his species. My first scorpion fly and I didn't realize it till I was reviewing the pictures on the computer. Gads, I must need my eyes checked. I can take solace in knowing I'd recognize it right away if I happened upon it again. Another MA pic.
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Renaldo said...

I really like your blog, very inspiring, specially the insect fotos. :)

Orange Fronkey said...

So these guy sting? eeek

Matt Dick said...

Lovely, lovely homage to moths:



Hypatia said...

Sorry for the delay in return comments, I've been doing homework. :|

Thanks Renaldo! I love the bugs. There never seems to be an end to things to learn and discover... not to mention, wherever I go, there they are.

Hey Orange! Nope, they don't sting at all, they just like to act all macho and put their "manly package" into the thing that only looks like a stinger.

Cool, thanks Matt, I'll check it out. I can't get enough of moths -- the subtlety of the shapes and patterns really draws me in.