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Monday, August 04, 2008

Dusk Challenge

The plant only opens at dusk and the flowers only seem to last a day, shrivelling up so that new buds can take their place. Almost as soon as they open the Sphynix moth comes to visit. I wish I'd had a better lighting setup, but while camping at Cimmeron State Park in New Mexico, I didn't know I'd need it.

Given all my recent lighting regrets, I think my camera equipment might well outweigh my clothing on my next trip.
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LaMaia said...

Are you going to the World Science Fiction Convention this weekend? Daniel Abraham is reading (among, of course, many, many others)


Hypatia said...

LaMaia!!! Wow, I hadn't even realized it was going on. Just shows how out of touch I've been. I don't think we can afford it, much as I'd love to go. We just got back from a convention in Vegas and I did a one-day-er the following weekend, followed up by camping in NM. I feel so... southwestern.

If you're coming though, I'd love to grab a meal, show you the insanities that are my children and all that. We can drive downtown so you won't miss too much of the convention. :)