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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dumping the Paint

Lately, I've had the rottenest luck with photography. Well, I guess it's not so much luck.

I haven't been carrying my camera around everywhere, which means of course, that I see the most amazing things. I wonder if I see them specifically because I don't have my camera. If I had my camera, I'd probably be bemoaning the fact that I can't see something to take pictures of.

I do need to make more photo time. I've been squeezing in a little more.

The ones below were taken while I was cleaning up Jasmine's watercolor painting extravaganza. Since it was at home, I did have the camera. Yea!

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Matt Dick said...

I like this and I'm glad to see you back.


Josh Gentry said...


Did any of those pictures you were taking of Jae's eyes turn out?