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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It's Spring!

Rowan did an end-of-the-year Interest Project about fire-bellied toads. They're cute little critters, very communal and fairly vocal -- especially this time of the year. The males have an adorable "ooop - ooop - ooop" sort of bark. (When we first heard him, we thought some mechanical aquarium part had broken or needed oiling.) I'm sure if the toads were longer than two inches it would be more impressive. Apparently the lady toads find it impressive enough. We made recordings for everyone at school to listen to.

I took this photo for Rowan's display poster board. I think his new favorite biology term is "nuptial pads".

The male here is encouraging his lady to lay eggs in the water so he can then go and inseminate them. I consider it rated-G since there is no... well, since he's not ... um... never mind, I have young readers whose parents haven't signed waivers.

Continuing on, I think of this embrace as trying to squeeze the eggs out of her. It's actually one of the least risque of the nature's methods for making more nature. I wasn't too worried about the rest of the parental population at the elementary school being overly offended. You never know though.
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