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Monday, June 22, 2009

Shooting into the Sun

The past few walks with the kids have been a bit frustrating. Partially, this is due to Jasmine's improved eyesight. Since she got her contacts she has been far more aware of the dangers around her and far more interested in things she otherwise would have missed. So, as a result we go very, very slowly. The lack of progress annoys the boys. I'm torn between wanting to eat up some miles and wanting to show Jasmine all the things she can now see -- that all happen to be within three feet of her. Jasmine's new visual abilities have made things a bit less exciting because she now knows when she's heading off a cliff, most of the time.

A place like this one, Castlewood Canyon Dam State Park, also has a creek that's perfect for wading in. Water is almost impossible to resist for any of the kids. I keep bring them home soaking wet, wrapped in towels, or in a completely different outfit than the one we set out with. Even so, we've done a good job protecting ourselves from the sun, but quite poorly when it comes to the mosquitoes. We're all sporting a few nasty bites and various self-inflicted scratching wounds. These flying vampires are biting through our long-sleeves shirts and pants as well as deeply inhaling the apparently attractive odor of our insect repellent sprays.

Of my landscape photographs, this is one of the few that I like.
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Josh Gentry said...

Wow, that's great to hear about the improvement in sight for Jasmine. I can understand the boys' frustration, all that energy to burn.

Hypatia said...

It's been amazing to watch all the changes. The main frustration is trying to keep the contacts in her eyes and noticing if she's rubbed them out of her eyes.

The boys deal pretty well, but I think I owe them a fast, older kid only hike soon. They complained about how slow I was with Jasmine and photos. I surprised them and picked Jasmine up, hoisting her to my shoulders and then blazing past them. :)