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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So-o-o-o Cute!

I find the cutest critters at the outhouse/port-a-potty/restrooms. This little thing even has flirty eyelashes.
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Bethany said...

With those eyebrows and that beard, you add a little red hat and you've got Santa Spider!

HemlockMan said...

Cool! I love little spiders!

Hypatia said...

Looking out the window now, with all this snow, it's not hard to imagine Santa at all. :) I liked the photoshop spider!

Thanks HemlockMan! There's lotsa little spiders on this blog. I just can't wee-sist the widdle cutsie wootsies. There, you got the annual baby-talk blurt outta me -- and I thought I'd make it through the year without that slipping out.