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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Masculine Pink

I seem to find good subjects for themes weeks, nay, months after the deadline.

Anyhow, the big news today is that we got our LID, otherwise known as the "Log in Date" the official date that our adoption dossier was entered into the Chinese government database. It's very hard to wait. Since we're going through the waiting child program it should be much quicker than a standard match -- but I think it seems longer since we've had Li Mei's picture for ages. I've already sent out two care packages and putting together my third.

Kai and Rowan are helping me paint Little Mei's new dressers and end tables.

I need to make a quilt. Posted by Picasa


Oricon Ailin said...

It is soooo cool that you are adopting. My brother in law was adopted. I hope you don't have to wait really long for all the stuff to go through and be united with your child.

Hypatia said...

Thanks! :) I feel very lucky to be getting a daughter. It's very hard to wait. We have a fair amount of adoption in our families too -- I think it makes it easier to make the decision to extend a family in that way.