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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Secret of the Second Recess

I could have gotten a better picture, but the bees seemed a little agitated and I thought it best not to get any closer.

This is my first beehive discovery. Posted by Picasa


matt dick said...

If you were braver, we'd have a cooler shot of those workers...



Wayne Allen Sallee said...

no, bees should not be agitated. particularly when they are in your swim trunks. long story.

word verification: starbucks (?!)

matt dick said...

Is that swelling in your swim trunks or are you just happy to see me?


Hypatia said...

Word verification interpretive art.

I think I'll try a closer take when I go back. Pfah... chicken? Those there words are a challenge, ain't they? Well, no triple dog dare is goin' stop me frum facin' the generally harmless bees.

I think I'll bring a hood and gloves. ;)