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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blue Female... maybe

New camera: hurrah! Lack of lenses: impatient, spoiled sigh. Here is a story of transition to a "real" camera.

My mum combined every future present I might receive and got me a Canon Rebel XT, my first SLR. This camera takes care of a ton of things that were driving me batty about my FujiFilm S5000, including software that tried to be too clever, no hot shoe, delay when starting up, 3MP, inability to switch lenses, restricted aperature (f/3.2 - f/9), being clever about built in flash, and so forth. The SLR came in a kit with a zoom 18mm - 55mm f/3 - f/5.6, but the FujiFilm could zoom the equivalent of 48m - 480mm, so I've been feeling a little distant. The Canon does take mild macro pictures fairly well without any additional lenses. My Raynox lenses do fit on the end of the camera, but don't function as well as they did on the FF. I think two more lenses will get me to a full upgrade (macro and zoom). Heh, a little rich for my current situation. Anyone have suggestions for good, cheap Canon compatible lenses? Anyone had luck on the used market?

I have tried to sign up with iStockphoto, thinking I might put some money in the piggy bank for lenses, but most of my photos with the Fujifilm have too many artifacts to be acceptable. So, I'll try to combine my learning the new camera with trying to get more stock for sale and reapply.

The big happy, happy is that I have the SLR before our trip to China. That should produce a good photostory. We'll also have two digital cameras for the trip. The current estimate is that we'll be travelling in July to get Li Mei. I've been completely preoccupied by the adoption lately; just like when I was pregnant, my brain seems unable to to think when children are on the way. I have massive nesting instincts. Posted by Picasa

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