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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bored in the School Carpool

My kids go to a charter school whose student body is made up of kids all over the county. We don't have bus service so as school lets out there are a huge number of cars waiting to pick up kids.

I was bored and had my camera one snowy day waiting for my carload of kids. Snowflakes were falling onto my driver's side window and first I tried getting a pic using my new EX Sigma DG Macro 105mm 1:2.8. No luck. To that I added my Canon Close-Up Lens 250 D. Still no luck. Finally I added my trusty Raynox Macroscopic Lens Model M-250. A-Haha ha muhahahahahaha.
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matt dick said...

I have a really super picture of a snowflake, but it's just technically super, up close, in focus, nice background, good contrast. But you actually do all that and with artistry on top, which is so frustrating for me!


Ki said...

Thanks for digging up the photo of the snowflake. Now I know the magnification of the Raynox 2.5x lens, the depth of field and the quality of the picture it takes. Cool. I'll look through all your posts when I have time, to see what lenses you've used.

Hypatia said...

Matt, you make me blush! Thanks! (I still envy your salt picture.) Have you seen The Snowflake: Winter's Secret Beauty by Kenneth Libbrecht and Patricia Rasmussen? Not only does she take these amazing photographs, she explains exactly how she does it, including photographs of her equipment and setup.

Ki: Sure, no problem, I meant to post this one, I just got kid-distracted. I think this one, I used them all except the plastic toy magnifying glass. :)