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Sunday, April 01, 2007


We go to quite the lengths to protect our blooms from the gnashing teeth of the Suburbia rabbits.
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Ki said...

We have deer to contend with here in NJ as well as rabbit and ground hog.

I stumbled upon your blog when I was googling Raynox Micro Explorer set. I left a comment on the blog but later realized it was posted last year and you would probably not read it. Anyway I thanked you for posting some pics using the Micro Ex. set as there is a paucity of information about it or photos taken with the lenses.

Love your macro photos and look forward to seeing more.

Hypatia said...

Hey Ki! Do you pronounce that K-eye? My son's name, Kai, is pronounced that way.

Glad you liked that Raynox stuff, I still use mine even though I've "upgraded" to a Canon Rebel and a macro lens made for it. I also still recommend them to anyone without an SLR or who just want to dip into micro/macro without the big expense.

I've got a set of macro filters from ... I want to say Promaster, but offhand I can't remember. There's a post which has an example of them. In general though the Raynox snap-on lenses are much easier to deal with on the fly.

Thanks so much for the nice comments! Glad I could help! I'll post you a snowflake using just about every macro I had. I just have to locate it. ;)

Ki said...

Pronounced key as in house key. A nom de plume. Blogger wanted a name fast so I thought up the shortest thing that came to mind.

I'll keep an eye out for the snowflake. Thanks in advance for going through the trouble of finding it. It will be a great resource for macro lenses and the actual photos taken by them.