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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Millipede on a Blue Mitten

It's still too early to have a great variety of bugs, but we always like millipedes, even tiny ones. I particularly enjoy the waves of little legs along their sides.

The kids are going to be out on spring break next week, but as it's a working week for Theo and I, the most we'll manage is a hike if the weather is good. I'm hoping to bring the kids into my work on Wednesday. They're very curious as to why I'm working "every single day". They're used to the alternating class and work days I had as a student -- and me sharing their general vacation schedule. My coworkers, all childless, should find this educational. I'm not sure if I'll be promoting the whole having-kids-thing or not. :) My office mate Ward is already over the brink as his son Sammy is due any time now.
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