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Monday, March 10, 2008


One of those days that makes interesting snowflakes. Not all snows are created equal. Many days are too cold and the snow is made of little pellets or too warm and it melts as it's falling, losing any structure it might have had before you can see it.

Actual snowflake days make you think. I spent a lot of time thinking how I couldn't bury OGMO who'd died in his sleep one day while I was at work. His death followed close on the heels of Tommy and our pet rats. All elderly animals, but one after another was very hard to take. I still think about Christie and she died a few years ago. Heck, I still cry over Meow and she died almost 15 years ago. There seemed to be quite a lot of death.

Eventually, we took him to be cremated since the ground was still frozen.
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