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Friday, June 27, 2008

Sunset Backlighting

It was a twelve hour away-from-home day. When I got back, all I wanted to do was veg out with the bugs in the grass as the sun was setting.

If I was of a mythical mindset, I might say the damselfly is a bamboo dryad.
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Matt Dick said...

I need to get out before the summer is a total bust. You get a lot more damsels than I do. We're all dragons around us.

I love these insects with the tight focus.


Hypatia said...

Do get out! It's been great.

I actually like the dragons better, more predictable in flying, but a bit more skittish with pictures. I have to be sitting in one of their perching locations for a while before they ignore me and settle down.

Damsels fly right next to me and hang out without any preliminaries. Hence the ability to get tight shots. More a personality issue than a reflection on my competency. :)

Oh yeah, try to get out on a windy day, none of them really want to fly then and you can get a lot closer.

You might be seeing less because the dragons eat the damsels (poetically enough).

I also found just moving to a pond a mile away changes my percentages of species/genus/family quite a lot.