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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Blue Darners in Flight

Here's a series of pictures from a local mosquito farm. These darners were patroling their territory and occassionally finding a mate. A number of times they came over and gave me the eye in case I might have gotten any ideas.

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Matt Dick said...


I totally hate you.


Hypatia said...

Thank you! I walked around all evening saying, "He really said he hated me! I've been waiting all my photographing life to hear that!"

Bethany said...

I'm married to that Matt guy above. I was looking at these photos and asked him if he'd seen your dragonflies yet. He looked over his shoulder at my screen, whined "Did she get it *in flight?* Oh I really hate her." Then, as he turned away, I heard him grumbling "But she likes it when I hate her..."


Hypatia said...

I know, get him a blue suit with a googlie-eyed mask and havehim sit in a swamp for about an hour. He'll have a ton of those territorial things swarming at him.

Yeah, I do like it when he hates me. :)

Orange Fronkey said...

Dang! I'm jealous!!!

Hypatia said...

Thanks Orange, from you that means a lot too! Geee, two of my favorite people hate or envy me, I feel great! No really, thanks. :)