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Monday, July 21, 2008

More Fast Flying Things for Matt

At the risk of alienating myself again, I'm following the theme of catching fast things in flight. These hummingbirds are quite a bit easier than the dragonflies as they hover to eat, not just to assert territorial dominance. This particular bird was fairly shy. I'm not used to humming birds caring about my location. Like dragonflies, I assumed that they assumed I was too slow to be any real threat. I guess it pays to be careful though.

I think this is a broad-tailed humming bird.
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Matt Dick said...

Nice work!

In this case I'm okay, I've had some good luck with hummingbirds. Here is the blog, if you follow the hummingbird link you can see two reasonably good shots of a ruby-throated hummingbird at a feeder. He's a tad in shadow, but his little curled toes are visible which is fun.


Hypatia said...

That yellow dragonfly with the red leaf is a stunning contrast. I like the shapes of the dark hummingbird too -- it's like an alternate universe where the character isn't the Crow but rather the Hummingbird... maybe the Hummer... there's got to be a better name? But continuing the superhero/vigilante thought, bad guys realize they're caught when they hear the telltale sound -- hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That would be like the Shadow's laugh, just faster and higher pitched...

Gads, I'm frizzled today. Anyhow that bird shape was great, very moody.