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Tuesday, October 25, 2005



I figured that this qualified for the PhotoFriday theme "Retro". It's a classic beetle.

In other news, I finished my midterm. Woohoo. I've been unaccountably stressed this semester. I can't figure out why. Hm. Posted by Picasa



This is wonderful. And has a welcome difference from other macro compositions. Many other macro shots are like as if we are leaning over and 'looking down' to the subject; whereas this gives a different perspective because you chose a different eye level.

regzgz said...

Very nice shot, something different and fresh!
Very nice.

Tom said...

I'm impressed !!

welshwitch36 said...

This is great - a different way of using the 'retro' theme, it made me laugh. Your photos are truly brilliant. By the way, the tiles in my kitchen are a 70's patterned green, not lime though more olive. I may post a photo of one at some point ;-)

Hypatia said...

Thanks, Kousik. I wasn't sure why I liked this one more than other ladybug pictures. I think I know now.

Thanks Regzgz and Tom!

Glad I made you laugh, Welshwitch36! My family just rolled their eyes. ;) You may like the post after this one. Olive? Wow, now that's 60's truly posh!

julio said...

wow, beautiful colors, great shot