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Monday, March 06, 2006

Feminine: Tribute to Smoke Rings

Friday Photo's themes have been Masculine and Feminine -- things which I arguably know nothing about. Therefore, I went back to my androgynous mentor, Laurie Anderson for guidance. In the song Smoke Rings, she addresses the issue in a sort of Zen Koan style with knife and lightbulb. I added the rocket launch tube -- my own personal enlightenment. Had I thought of this during the Masculine challenge, I would have gotten out my pineapple and school bus to photograph. Don't think I don't have them. Posted by Picasa


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Well, here's my post. It would have been cool if there was a cathode ray tube in the photo because then I'd have a cool dream about being a superhero. I promise to visit more often now that those charges have been dropped in DuPage and Boone counties. Your chattel, Wayne

Oricon Ailin said...

Interesting picture.

Hypatia said...

Hey there, Wayne! Nice to see you on the photo blog side of things. You are welcome to have superhero dreams whenever you want.

Oricon Ailin! How've you been? Thanks for visiting again! Is this your very kind way of saying, "...weird"? I promise more purple flowers as soon as spring comes -- or I get more flowers sent to me. :)