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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Shooting Kids

My boys' school is holding a silent auction to raise funds for materials so I put together this flyer and then offered a two hour sitting fee as an auctionable item. This isn't really a Macro post, but more on the photography side than family (the subject of my other photoblog).

In my little blurb, I wrote "I'm a wildlife photographer and that means I take pictures of kids (and bugs, animals, and flowers)."

I definitely have a different approach to taking pictures of kids -- I don't have a studio. I don't want to do that kind of photography right now either. I like grabbing images while the kids do what they do. Terms terms... not quite candid, but it is candid... lifestyle... ? Hm.

Of all my pictures of children (who are not my own), the most popular has been of the beautiful girl on the right and center. The main voter is my son Kai. He adores A---A---- and carried around that picture as a 4x6 and wedged it into his bedroom mirror. They share a birthday and her mom and I were only a few miles away from each other at the time of their births.

I do have a tip gleaned from my last session of some young ballet dancers. I think the biggest challenge in getting a group of kids in a photo, is making sure that the majority do not have their fingers up their noses. Posted by Picasa

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