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Saturday, March 11, 2006

I Miss Bugs

This picture is from last August. I did see a few spiders out a couple days ago and even a bee, but we've since dropped again in temperature and our springtime snow is beginning to fall in earnest. It made me wonder if I had the fortitude to take the boys out for a day of skiing. It would be their first time up. I miss skiing too.

Fun news, I received Macro Day's Editor's choice for my previous post Money. I put a notice on a Post Script there but I was just so tickled, I thought I'd write more about it. It's odd that's my first Challenge recognition and yet that one has no comments. I suppose comments (or lack thereof) don't really give one a good idea of a picture's impact. That or Carlos is the only one (besides me) who liked it! ;) Posted by Picasa

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