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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dreamy Orange Flower

Fall is come and chilly air is settling in. I've had a cold the past few days and I've been grumpy about it. I hate being sick. I should take a cue from Jazz. She has the same thing and doesn't seem to notice it. Posted by Picasa


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

So, does autumn annoy you a much as it does me, TessLass? I love the falling leavesm but I'm constantly reminded of the coming winter...

Hypatia said...

No, I like autumn. I like winter too though. I like spring and summer. Hm. I'm not very interesting or confrontational there am I? It seems like all seasons have something really cool about them and just when I think I'm getting a little bored, the weather changes.

But then again, I spend my winters in dry Colorado while you are in Chicago. Here in the low lands (at a mile high) winter is a week of sun shining 50 degree days then a week of -20's and then a week of 50's. All the snow we get arrives on Halloween and Easter then melts the next day. ;)

We can always (literally, year-round) visit the snow on the mountatins and then go back to our relatively warm foothills.

I also want to get a macro of some snowflakes and ice crystals. So I can't say that I don't have another motive for looking forward to colder weather.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a beauty!

I don't like autumn & winter. Mostly cuz it rains like crazy and really cold and I'm just not the cold type. I'm an island girl, I need my warm orangey sunrays =P.

It's already freezing cold outside! (in my opinion anyways), I refused to go outside =P.

Looking foward to seeing your snowflakes and ice crystals =D

~ Orange Fronkey

Hypatia said...

I think it depends on how much focus I can muster... if it's significant, I don't really notice temperature or discomfort. If I'm distracted, I can be a real complainer. ;)