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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Water Strider

Walking on water. Posted by Picasa


tamago said...

very nice pictures. You capture the angels really well. What interests you to focus on insects and bug etc but not human or buildings?

Hypatia said...

Well this made me think. :) I do like taking pictures of people, but I feel so awkward asking permission. I felt least awkward in China -- probably because everyone was taking pictures of us too! (If you want to see the China pictures, they're mostly on my other blog Wave, Tree and Bloom.

I have so many beautiful pictures of children -- schoolmates of my own kids, but I'm always nervous about talking to parents. I feel like a stalker.

Maybe I should suck it up and print out some cards and a stack of model release forms. ;)

On the other hand, it's not just avoidance that has me running for the bugs and flowers. I enjoy the alien-ness of bugs. An exoskeleton, I mean, wow, just that is plain weird.

Flowers and plants (and fungus for that matter) are overlooked by many people, especially the historical or scientific details. I feel like Hercules Poirot noticing what most people don't even register.

So many amazing ways of living, so many forms of life that are so taken for granted, ignored and/or reviled. I feel like a pioneer or adventurer, just crawling around in my backyard. I spend about half the time researching the things of which I've taken pictures.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photograph! =)

~ Merino

I think cuz I migrated the blog to gmail account, it wont lemme do the blogger log in =(.

I'm orangefronkey by the way lol