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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Equations of Love

A bit more Artsy Fartsy than usual. Happy (late) LupercaliaPosted by Picasa




How did you do it? Did you shoot your setup (for documentation)?

Hypatia said...


This is another one where the story isn't nearly as good as the picture.

My mom sent me red roses for Valentine's Day and I hauled out the tripod and opened the blinds. It's 0.4s, f/9.0,ISO 200. I tried a few faster than that, but they were too exposed for my taste. I had on my 12x Raynox Micro lens on the FijiFilm S5000. It was overcast and snowing so the light was muted and coming in from the side.

After I had the pic, I noticed the logarithmic spiral was fairly distinct and wondered if I could find the right coefficients to overlay the spiral.

So I hauled out my MATLAB (mathematics software) and plotted a few curves and then overlayed it with 50% opacity using Adobe Photoshop Elements. The font I used was Papyrus.

While that was cool and I was about to post it, I wanted a little more emphasis on the source of the spiral. I clicked on a few of the effects that Picasa has and "Focal B&W" seemed to be just what I wanted. I fooled around with the constraints and then posted it. :)

matt dick said...

I love it, thanks for posting.