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Monday, February 06, 2006



This is the crystal ball of a 10cm tall pewter dragon; the ball is about 1cm in diameter. It caught my eye as I was walking up the stairs and thinking that I'd didn't have any good fungus of which to take pictures. So, I get all set up, use the air compressor to knock off the main dust, run some water to get off more dust, and then the air compressor again and snap a few and put 'em on the compy.

Eeeeeeeeewwwww. Talk about filthy. UGH! So I grab my optics cleaning stuff and attack the microscopic dust bunnies again with about a 75% success rate. Snap a few more, clean a bit more snap a few more and finally get something that doesn't make me want to go take a very long and soapy shower. It's all kinda funny when I realize what a mess my house is. I think I'll try to get some cleaning into my schedule.

I've been reading The Battle for God: A History of Fundamentalism in Christianity, Judism, and Christianity (I think the religions were in that order), by Karen Armstrong. It gives me an interesting perspective on the Danish cartoon news bits.

More news, we may have a match in our adoption quest. We received some basic information about a little girl in Shan Xi province and we're waiting for the follow up information. I've been very distracted with all my thoughts of her. It doesn't really help me focus on my grading work. More on the adoption as it becomes available.

I may have a job... a cool job, a perfect job. I got an offer and I sent an accepting email and phone call, but I'm waiting for them to get back to me. That too is distracting. I hate waiting.

I need a good massage, a dark beer, and some white noise. Since that ain't going to happen, I better just try and sleep. Posted by Picasa



The 24x opened a whole new 'dirty' world to you ;-)

Nice snap, and good luck cleaning microscopic dusts ...

Josh Gentry said...

Heard back about the job?

Hypatia said...

Kousik: Yeah, these new lenses could have me obsessive compusive within a few photo sessions, I think.

Josh: Yes, yes! I start March 1st and by that I mean learning all about the old program and NMR in order to write the new. Currently, I'm leaning toward doing it in MATLAB and C++, but Theo's encouraging me to go Perl. He sent me the PDL link. Big issue is memory.

Josh Gentry said...

Cool about the job. I'm afraid I missed some details. Software and math, I take it. NMR?