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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Brown Mantid

This little brown mantid was in the grass. At first I thought it was a stick insect, but then it was moving way too fast. I didn't expect to see brown mantid since all the ones I've seen so far have been green -- with the exception of the color of the hatchlings. This brown was almost identical in size to the green pictured two posts earlier. Posted by Picasa


The D said...

Are you taking all these pictures recently? Or are they archived from a while ago? What kind of camera do you use? Fantastic as always, thanks!

San Nakji said...

Weird, a brown mantis...How big is it?

Hypatia said...

the d: My pictures in general are all taken the day or the day after they were posted. The butterflies and moths I've been taking since June-ish and saving them for the Butterfly photo contest. Since I'd chose entries for that, I've been posting the semi-finalists, the ones that didn't quite make the cut.

I use a Fujiflim S5000 with a Raynox M250 universal macro lens. Overall a very inexpensive setup -- especially the macro lens. Raynox is GREAT!

Thanks for the complements!

sannakji: The brown one was about as long as two sections of my pinkie finger. :) I really need to start measuring these guys.

San Nakji said...

That kind of gives me an idea, cheers!