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Thursday, August 11, 2005

I was originally looking at aesthetic leaf damage when I saw this geometridae caterpillar. It doesn't look like the linen looper so from this paper (see page 19), process of elimination points to this possibly being Lambdina punctataPosted by Picasa


julio said...

Very interesting bug. Nice shot Rachel

Hypatia said...

Thanks! While I took latin classes in high school, I didn't make the connection between "inch worm" and "geometrid" (aka earth measurer) before it was pointed out to me. Doh!

Gabe Beasley said...

Really nice inchworm, your finding
some really cool insects in your
area. Diversity is limited to the
river here--I've got to go down there.
I recently took apart a buglight--
dissconected the transformer so that
it does not shock bugs or anything--and use it now to attracked them to photograph. Carefull however!
Thats about 1000volts--you don't want
to try that if you don't know how.