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Friday, August 26, 2005

These insects are so cooperative with the camera, it's easy to start muttering direction to them like you might with a human subject. "Head a little up, that's it. Turn a little. Raise your left arm slightly. Okay, hold that."

When I came home I had a message on my answering machine, both my submissions for the Butterfly Pavilion had received notable submission awards and will appear in their annual calendar (along with 12 other photographs). Neat-o! Posted by Picasa


Cindy said...

Great mantis photos! I am happy to have found another mantis fan. I think there is something somehow more "personable" about mantids than other bugs. Maybe it's because they can hold themselves upright and look right at you. And have you ever noticed when you're looking at them up close, and then their mouth-parts start moving... it's almost like they're talking to you.

Hypatia said...

Glad you liked them. These bugs are so easy to relate to. They also remind me of a late 1800's dress style -- you know the kind with a bustle.

Fun creatures. They can eat a fly in about 30 seconds (according to the clock on my camera).

San Nakji said...

With photos like these, why aren't you a millionaire?

Hypatia said...

Like many starving artists.... um, I dunno. :) Thanks!