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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A very friendly preying mantis, posed for me for quite a while. During the interview section of my coverage, I asked which taste better, green or bluebottle flies. This question required a bit of thought. Posted by Picasa


Julio said...

wow, that's really awesome shot. Just Excellent.

Gabe Beasley said...

A note here-- don't ever feed a praying matus human food. They will eat things like potato chips and cookies but shortly after they die. I found that out the hard way when I was a kid. Check out my site- I got a new lens. Don't miss last month in "all pictures".

Hypatia said...

Julio, thanks, I really appreciate it!

Gabe, thanks! Weird, why do they die? I'll drop by. :)

San Nakji said...

Thanks for the mantis, you can't beat them!


That's is awesome shot! I'd say you're lucky that he gave you a pose like that. Superb DoF!

Hypatia said...

sannakji, thanks! I love them too!

kousik, thanks! This little fella seemed to be completely unafraid of me. Sometimes a little annoyed with me, but tolerant.