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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I know nothing about California flowers, but many were still blooming during my trip. I think my boys were most amazed by palm trees.

On a completely different subject, has anyone else read/heard the interview with Dave Barry? The interviewer noted, "You often describe yourself as making a living with booger jokes." To which Barry replied: I really haven't made that many real booger jokes in my life, but I've made thousands of jokes about making booger jokes. So I'm really kind of a meta-booger humorist, if you want. That had me on the floor. Posted by Picasa


Oricon Ailin said...

What a beautiful picture. I love the pictures of the flowers. You do such a wonderful job capturing God's handiwork. *smiles*

Hypatia said...

Hey there Oricon Ailin. Thanks for the compliments! I'm pretty much a Unitarian-Universalist-Taoist-Hindu-Buddhist atheist, so I generally look at it as natural aesthetics. But yes, I love the way the flowers look too.

I think the hardest thing is photographing a beautifully scented flower. It's really tough capturing scent using only light and when it doesn't happen the photo seems flat.

Oricon Ailin said...

*smiles* Your views and mine are different, but I highly respect that. I just see things from a godly perspective, and you see it another way. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I just think you are incredibly talented and I love your work.

I need to go check out what prints you have for sale. I think I read that a while back ago, right??

Take care and blessings!

Hypatia said...

Thanks Oricon Ailin! I like the UU philosophy because it encompases that sentiment so well -- we all have our own path and that should be respected. :)

I'm finally starting to gain a little confidence and your comments certainly bolster that!

I put the prints info in the sidebar as a link. :)