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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Rowan found this spider yesterday and I wasn't able to take any pictures. Today, though was a better day and I found her once again. Posted by Picasa


Oricon Ailin said...

I'm not fond of spiders. I allergic to most bites. I'm kinda afraid. The only ones that don't scare me are tarantulas. I don't know why.

Great photos though!!!

Hypatia said...

I know I had an easier time with tarantulas. I guess it's because they feel like a mouse in your hand rather than a "creepy crawly" -- here I'm talking about the more docile ones of course. :)

The more I took pictures the less I was bothered by holding, moving, coaxing various spiders I found. Also, so many are tough to photograph because they are so timid and shy -- my fear went away and I felt like a big scary brute.

I haven't been bitten by any spider -- though I take common sense precautions. I'm much more often bitten by ants. And so far, I've only been stung by a bee once when I was six and I stepped on it. Poor bee. I'm lucky that even mosquitoes aren't very fond of me (except in Belize).

These little fellows, the crab spiders, are really easy to move and hold, they really don't want to move more than a quick flip from the top of a leaf to the backside.

It warms my heart to know I've made a spider photo even a slightly arachniphobic person could enjoy!