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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

We found a visitor on our porch. A teeny tiny bullsnake hatchling. Soooooo cute! Generally I only see garter snakes around here. Really, my arm isn't that hairy; it's a macro shot! He does look enormous here so let's make this my entry for massive (if only in perspective). Posted by Picasa


Aravis said...

This is a great shot! What a wonderful little guy.

Hypatia said...

Thanks! I just took some of our semi-permanent garter snake resident. I think I'll put a few up of him/her.

AJ said...

Wow ... great macro. Love the reflection in the eye.

Hypatia said...

Thanks! That's one of my favorite things about my short macro lens (49mm) is that I can be close enough to get that. If you liked that I think I've got some jumping spiders with me reflected in their eyes. I'm like a minature megalomaniac.

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