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Monday, January 23, 2006



Then of course, for "Pink" it's hard to beat Boo-ya, our hairless rat. (See the previous blog entries for the runners up.)

Boo-ya's name was inspired by Rufus, the naked mole rat of the too-soon-cancelled tv show Kim Possible. After they cancelled FireFly, cartoons are about all we watch anymore. Invader Zim! ... oh wait, that's been cancelled too. Avatar is still on, whoo-hooo!

Anybody catch Hoodwinked yet? Some funny Thin Man spoof elements and it's hard to beat Patrick Warburton aka The Tick (also cancelled, but the original cartoon was better and the comic book the best) and Krunk. Anyway, Boo-ya has some definite checks in the Pro column of entry for "Pink". Different, cute in his own way, not a flower, and yes... about as pink as any adult animal ever gets. Posted by Picasa


San Nakji said...

Hi Rachel,

Great interpretation of Pink. He is awesome!

Hypatia said...

SAN NAKJI! How are you? Thanks! I couldn't resist posting my little rattie-kins.