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Monday, January 23, 2006

Same Color, In and Out


Another possible "Pink". Too red? My Orientalphile side likes this one. Less girly. Posted by Picasa


matt dick said...

Nice and masculine, but too red.

Hypatia said...

That's what I thought. Maybe more Cosmopolitan than Testosterone.

matt dick said...

Of course, but I enjoyed calling it masculine.

It's possible that an enlarged prostate is pink, and that's undeniably non-feminine.

Matt Dick said...

Okay, I am offically going to gripe now. I actually brought up the idea of photographing an enlarged prostate and I didn't even get a groan!

What does a guy have to do?!?

Hypatia said...

*laughs* Ah, well you are talking to a Drummond girl. Growing up, Jen and I spent most supper times trying to gross each other out. When that didn't work, we turned on our stepmother and she still thinks we're far too gross (amazingly she loves us anyway). Actually that kinda describes how my husband feels about me too. You'd have to ask Josh if Jen has changed. ;)

I do think it was a nice observation, pink can be very masculine. You could emphasize that by starting out with a standard snap of some beefcake photo and start moving closer and closer and more than intimately ... then for the prostate.

Somehow pink and gross reminded me of the tooth-socket pictures I've taken when my boys have knocked out and/or lost teeth. Those are very pink too.