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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bubbles on Blue Glass


Santa (in the personage of my family) was very good to me this year. With my Newtonmass cash, I picked up some new lenses, the Raynox MicroExplorer Set, and a De-e-e-lux 3000 slave flash from DigiSlave. If this was a triple-X site, MicroExplorer DigiSlave would be some sort of BDSM for Adventure Cyber Gnomes... Anyhow, I was very happy with the new supplies because they can travel to any future cameras I might get since the lenses come with a universal snap-on adapter and the slave flash can also operate in normal mode off of a hot shoe (which I currently don't have).

These new lenses can get insanely magnified shots, but they aren't quite as forgiving as my Raynox Macro M250; I'll be using a lot more of my tripod with these. I'd like to try some snowflake shots when it starts falling again down here in the low lands.

The flash is something new for me altogether, so expect experimental shots. Winter is a great time to get a flash -- it'll keep you warm indoors and you can still take photos. I thought I was stuck with my dinky pop-up flash that came on the FujiFilm S5000, but Gabe Beasley pointed out these very cool wireless, hotshoe-less slave flashes. Thanks Gabe! I molded some aluminum foil around my popup flash to redirect the light to the slave and keep it from interfering with my subject.

My other flash project is to wire up some ultrabright white LED's for a ring flash. It won't have quite the bells and whistles of those on the market, but on the other hand it won't set me back half a grand USD either. Posted by Picasa

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This is freaking amazing! What is the ultimate magnification you're getting? Such an equipment opens up a completely different world!

I can't wait for more!