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Friday, July 21, 2006

Mystery Bees

It was windy yesterday evening and the light was decidedly odd. It was blueish because it was dusk, but the clouds had rolled in and every detail was sharp. When I went out to find something to photograph in the odd light, I found these bees clinging to the swaying long wild grass in the back of our yard.

I'm not sure what species, but they seem to be semi-social. Why take shelter in the grass instead of the ground? They also held onto the grass primarily with their mandibles rather than their legs. I guess there's more gripping power there. The mandibles are smooth and pointy rather than edged like a sawtooth. And check out the length of those antenna!

Are they leafcutter bees that just happened to be taking shelter on the same stalk? My long suffering burning bush shrub shows signs that leaf cutter bees are around. Posted by Picasa

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