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Monday, July 17, 2006

Tiny Red Dragon

This dragonfly is smaller than many in this little mud puddle, but I love the red racing stripes. He(?) spent a lot of time raising his abdomen above his wings. I wonder if he was flashing his colors to attract another red dragonfly. Posted by Picasa


matt dick said...

This raises the interesting question: how do you choose the gender of reference for insects you see? I assign them as well, but I'm unsure why. You assumed the mantis to be female, and this dragonfly to be male.

I read a scholarly book once wherein the authors included a forward in which they said something to the effect of: "in this book, and we nominate this standard for all books, when the gender is unspecific or unknown, we will use the gender specific pronoun of the primary author."

I think that makes perfect sense for such things. Now in the case of taking insect photos, I think assigning whatever gender I dream up is even better.

By the way, I love the dragonfly shots.


Hypatia said...

Sometimes I actually know from coloration or large pedipalps or ovipositor or whatever. Sometimes it's just a feeling. :) I try to put in a question mark if I'm just guessing.

Thanks! I love dragonflies and my new camera has spot focus, so with a mild zoom lens I can actually catch them now.