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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lemme Have a Look at You

This dragonfly nearly turned its head upside-down to look at me.
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Orange Fronkey said...

Wow!!! What a beauty!!! I would like to have pants with those patterns HAHA.

Anyways, I've said several times how I loooove dragonflies... and I'm quite jealous that you have them around you alot! I'd be lucky to see 1 of them once every leap year... *sigh*

Hypatia said...


I bet you have them around, they just congregate in places people don't generally hang out. We go to this little puddle near our house which is fed primarily by lawn watering and occasionally rain sprinkles. It primarily seems to be a mosquito breeding area, but the local neighborhood association has disguised this fact with many cattails. The dragonflies also fly around most around lunchtime, when we've had hundred degree temperatures and surprisingly muggy air (luckily the mosquitoes like dawn and dusk best).

So, go to where it's hot, unpleasant, muggy, near stagnant water with a healthy mosquito infestation and have a sit. It can take a quarter of an hour to figure out the flying patterns, but you'll get some pictures. :)

I just found this:
which specifically talks about Oregon dragonflies. :)