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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Yet Another Damselfly

Sorry if anyone is tired of dragonflies and damselflies. I think they're very neat, especially how clearly I can view the body through the wing. I was also interested in the whitish spots on this female's wings. Did she forget the jet dry?


Will said...

I'm loving these damselflies and dragonflies. I have so much trouble photographing them myself. :P

Matt Dick said...

Can someone explain to me the difference between a damselfly and a dragonfly... just to save me the time of having to go to wikipedia?


Hypatia said...

Thanks Will! I gots more and that's all the encouragement I need. The biggest trick is to watch the patrolling. Males patrol their territory and come back over and over to the same good perches. See where they are and quietly settle down camera focused on the perch. They'll come back or to a nearby blade of grass or branch. I tend to head out to take pictures of them about mid-day (fewer mosquitoes too!).

Hey Matt! The big difference is that dragonflies are heavier bodied and rest with their wings out ninety degrees from the length of their bodies and damselflies rest with their wings along their body length. (They are considered ancient orders because they evolved before the advent of folded wings.)

When you check out the nymph stages the difference is more dramatic. Dragonfly nymphs have a squat body, have no "tails" and propel themselves with a jet of water out their butts. Damselflies have three "tails" that may also serve as gills. Damselflies move more like fish with a wriggling motion.

Matt Dick said...

Ahh, got it. It's a related species. I think I like the dragonfly look a little better.